A Slogan – practical examples for your Startup

In the beginning was the word. Well, I can already hear. In fact, that it is often not so easy is to find a suitable Slogan (slogan, Motto) for his company. In any case, it is the Basis to effectively advertise for a Business. Your Slogan is, perhaps, decorate a poster or in a promotional Video to show up.

He must have the force and imagination of potential customers stimulate. The fact is: often in the history of the words have not influenced the course of things only, but also determined. But how can you find a suitable Slogan for his Startup?

Before we go on to the search, is An enormously important: words get people to do something or to have something because, used properly, emotions cause! But how do you write a Slogan and what practical examples are there?

Slogan – a short Definition:

A Slogan is a clear, understandable and concise formulation of an idea behind your product and advertising. This idea you have to find a creative with your product and elaborate. Also indispensable is the image, what your saying is in the minds of your customers.

Before you find the right Slogan for your Startup, you need to learn your target audience very carefully. Most of the errors that happen when you Formulate the Slogans that relate to exactly this point: It applies, for example, on the “wrong” people. It is precisely here that the General ideas and stereotypes interfere with communication with the right target audience.

A Slogan for what, for whom and how?

With these questions, experts from the Copyright and Marketing are concerned, if you are looking for a Slogan. To understand how this works, let’s look at a classic example:

Our milking machine can be broken in 10 seconds, and clean it up.

Exactly this was the motto of the advertising text-Pioneer David Ogilvy for a firm, the milking machines making up. So he scored a hit, in terms of Marketing, even if it looks at first glance rather boring and nondescript. The conversion of spoke for itself: the company has earned several hundred thousand dollars more.

What shows us this vivid example of a good Slogan and how to find the right Slogan for his Startup? With this simple “technology”, to which the experts had drawn from the upper example:

First of all, you looked at yourself in the Marketing Department very carefully at who buys most of the milking machines. Of course, these were mainly farmers. But much more important is the question of how these farmers work. It has been shown that it is very important for you is that these machines have to be cleaned after use.

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