Startup – what is that again? All you need to know

There are entrepreneurs who build high-quality cars or Hotels on the beach. So the cost of things at the Start, a lot of time and even more money: You need a plot of land, infrastructure and personnel you have to deal with the bureaucracy. And after 5-6 years can pay for itself a Business and make a profit.

And there is such a simple game, called “Angry Birds”. Thus, the Finnish Startup “Rovio Entertainment has earned” 55.5 million euros (2012). The initial investment in the project at that time amounted to about 100 Thousand Euro.

So it’s no wonder that today, everywhere from Startups. But what is a Startup? Or a Start-up, so Facebook, for example, might be a Online company. Where did the word Start-up and which Start-up was the first? In this post, I’ve made myself on the search for answers.

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