Start-Up Accelerator – 10 international supporters of Startups

“I have a brilliant Startup idea for an innovative product!” And now? In today’s Post is all about exactly this question. There are a variety of programs which support the founder in their project, the so-called Startup Accelerator.

In this Post, I present 10 international programs for founders, with their help, you can find an experienced Mentor as well as a competent angel Investor and Business incubator.

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Start-up financing – you can at the initial interview, never say…

As the founder, I have learned one thing: Regardless of whether you sell your product better or your Start-up Finance in a dry cloth want to put the Autopilot in your head can put a lot in the Sand.

As a result of the Meeting with the customer, or the initial interview to the Start-up financing can be very quick in the pants. Today it comes to words, who wants to hear no Start-up Investor and not a customer of yours.

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