Startup – what is that again? All you need to know

There are entrepreneurs who build high-quality cars or Hotels on the beach. So the cost of things at the Start, a lot of time and even more money: You need a plot of land, infrastructure and personnel you have to deal with the bureaucracy. And after 5-6 years can pay for itself a Business and make a profit.

And there is such a simple game, called “Angry Birds”. Thus, the Finnish Startup “Rovio Entertainment has earned” 55.5 million euros (2012). The initial investment in the project at that time amounted to about 100 Thousand Euro.

So it’s no wonder that today, everywhere from Startups. But what is a Startup? Or a Start-up, so Facebook, for example, might be a Online company. Where did the word Start-up and which Start-up was the first? In this post, I’ve made myself on the search for answers.

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Customers manipulation – is it worth it? Aggressive, or with the heart to sell?

In order not to lose time, it goes to the following: In this Post I will clarify the question, what selling methods are useful, and whether aggressive and manipulative Selling of products is worth it in the long term. It is less about to rate morally, whether manipulations in the sale are “good” or “evil”, but rather, what are the advantages and disadvantages objectively, if you tried their product at any price to get rid of.

We also go into the question of what it means to sell with the heart. What is the strategy you choose for your Business and your product remains at the end is up to you and the consequences resulting from it, you need to as the founder.

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Start-up financing – you can at the initial interview, never say…

As the founder, I have learned one thing: Regardless of whether you sell your product better or your Start-up Finance in a dry cloth want to put the Autopilot in your head can put a lot in the Sand.

As a result of the Meeting with the customer, or the initial interview to the Start-up financing can be very quick in the pants. Today it comes to words, who wants to hear no Start-up Investor and not a customer of yours.

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A Slogan – practical examples for your Startup

In the beginning was the word. Well, I can already hear. In fact, that it is often not so easy is to find a suitable Slogan (slogan, Motto) for his company. In any case, it is the Basis to effectively advertise for a Business. Your Slogan is, perhaps, decorate a poster or in a promotional Video to show up.

He must have the force and imagination of potential customers stimulate. The fact is: often in the history of the words have not influenced the course of things only, but also determined. But how can you find a suitable Slogan for his Startup?

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