Copy and surpass successful Startup-Ideas – 14 tips

Many of today’s successful Start-up companies are clones and improved copies of other Start-up companies. What we learn from this? Exactly, whether it suits us or not, Start-up ideas are often copied.

With an exact 1:1 copy it is not done but. Your idea must be better! Much better! And how do you do that? This is exactly what it is today.

Apple, Facebook, Samsung (and many others) have done this before. I’m talking about New builds mostly on what is already there, or was. This is often the only way to improve existing products and to develop new ones.

Therefore, I have asked myself the question today is how the successful Copy of Start-up companies, works in practice. Here’s the Overview:

With these 14 tips, you can foreign Start-up companies to copy and improve:

  1. Alternative Needs
  2. New add
  3. Things to remove
  4. More Convenience
  5. Things combine
  6. Copy and personalize
  7. Stand out – thanks to durability
  8. Better by maximizing
  9. More Entertainment
  10. Keyword Portability
  11. Be faster
  12. More Security
  13. A Price Question
  14. 1-13

We go into Detail. But the Copying Start-up ideas is all ok? We clarify the intriguing question: Who of the great Start-up company has also copied that clever?

Steve Jobs
Let’s start with Steve Jobs and Apple. I have researched this then also changes quickly and if we are to believe the numerous “allegations”, has Jobs taken a lot of ideas for his Business:

In 1979, for example, he was on a visit at “Xerox” and of the graphic user interface by means of a computer mouse inspire. Later, the Apple legend has plagiarized then also a lot of Windows elements for its operating system Mac OS clever and improved.

Also In the case of the iPod development, he watched other Start-up companies over the shoulder. Here is a slightly longer info-graphic from the net that shows what Apple copied everything from various companies, and optimized has:

Mark Zuckerberg
Also, the CEO of Facebook has been accused multiple times, to have in his social network plagiarized. Even if now cold coffee, I have taken the story in all this: The Winklevoss twins have Zuckerberg in 2008, accused of to have your idea stolen.

They received from Zuckerberg’s $ 65 million. Also throws Aaron Greenspan (CEO of Think Computer Corporation) Zuckerberg on his Homepage, the Facebook-idea for his Start-up company to have.

Samsung Galaxy Products
And also, the South Korean giant Samsung is no exception (by the end of 2013, said Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller the following: “I was pretty shocked. You have the iPhone copied.“ ).

Do you want more startup tips, ideas and analysis?

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