Copy and surpass successful Startup-Ideas – 14 tips

Foreign Start-up companies
And also foreign Start-ups to copy, for their part, the giants of the web. The most popular Russian social network also on the list of well-cloned Start-ups such as the Chinese giant alibaba (a start-up Hybrid from E-bay, amazon, and facebook).

The are now only 5 known examples, but one thing is clear: The Copy is widely used. Such copies have but usually several advantages compared to the Original, otherwise you would not be as successful or even more successful than this. Therefore:

What are the Major Start-up companies, may not be wrong for small Start-ups.

But how to copy the now successful Start-up companies? Here are the answers:

1. Tip: Is Your Alternative Needs

It comes to find new ideas, based on the analysis of age and successful Business ideas. You have to take a closer look whether the product you want to sell, so adjusted that it satisfies the need, which has been meeting other successful products.

Apple sells no computers, Laptops, and Tablets – Apple sells Status symbols!

2. Tip: A Start-up company copy

and something New to add

Here it is quite simple. You look at carefully your competition and something of these products have not try to add your product. The additional Feature of course you need to adequately explain. Your customers expect an answer to the question:

What has the product in addition to the and the functions, the and the. This way, you’ll stand out from them and end up with your Start-up company in a niche that is not free or at least as full.

3. Tip: A Start-up company, clone

and things to remove

This principle is self-explanatory: Analyze the product and remove anything that could assess your audience negatively. Customers are typically willing to pay more for products if this provides less discomfort, and dissatisfaction than other, comparable products.

Less irritated customers means more sales. Get on the search! If your customer Service is, for example, is better than the customer Service of the original, you have more success than this Start-up company.

4. Tip: a New Start-up companies,

with more convenience

This principle means the following: If you manage to make your product much more convenient, more practical, more accessible and easier than similar products of your competition, you’ve found a niche for your Start-up companies.

Tablets today are also so successful, because you can do without these devices on the classic keyboard. It is often much more practical with a Touchpad than with Netbooks.

5. Tip: a New Start-up company, clone

and things combine

Combine useful the best features of a product, with the advantages of another, so you get a completely new product and a new niche.

Do you want more startup tips, ideas and analysis?

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