Copy and surpass successful Startup-Ideas – 14 tips

A simple example from everyday life: ice cream and chocolate chocolate ice cream. A current example, the Start-up company alibaba, I’ve written so above.

6. Tip: the Start-up company copy

and personalize

Search to personalize the possibilities of your product, to make it more individual. Everything that looks like a rip-off, you can hardly sell. Today, this principle is applied, for example, in the packaging industry:

Very often one has the feeling that the content of different products (especially food products) don’t change all that much.

On the basis of the packaging, many people identify with a certain product or a certain way of life. And so you can create a demand or a niche.

Another possibility is to make a product more original is to use an unusual procedure when Service or a different Design. In all of these cases differential you visible from the Original Start-up companies .

7. Tip: from the Original Start-up companies to stand out

by longevity

We all appreciate quality and are willing to invest more money in such things. The longevity of your product is thus a strong Argument to buy it. It is important that your business model takes account of this point: If your product works over the years, you will need to clarify how you generate otherwise revenue.

8. Tip: Better by maximizing

Here you have to find out what Details and features customers value in your product and rate it. This is done, you should optimize these features and to emphasize even more. Your Start-up company for security.

Then your customers will offer even more security. If your product means enjoyment, make your product even more enjoyable. So that you can expand in a highly competitive niche.

9. Tip: for More entertainment – and more customers

for your Start-up company

From birth and to old age we put a lot of emphasis on entertainment. This is one of our needs, and if you look closely, we are willing to spend money (this has been recognised by the entertainment industry for a long time and also the Internet offers many ways).

Find, therefore way, your customers, to entertain during and after the purchase of your products. This also makes your first customers to regular customers. A typical example for such a Start-up company, the successful Finnish game Angry Birds.

10. Tip: The Keyword Is Portability

People can’t stand to be limited or restricted in its possibilities. Make your product, therefore, easier, more accessible, more mobile, versatile – so you can find faster a niche for your Start-up company.

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