Copy and surpass successful Startup-Ideas – 14 tips

If you have a choice between a slim and compact Smartphone, and a larger mobile phone, you know which is “better”?

11. Tip: Your Start-up company needs to be faster

Our world is turning faster and faster! And, of course, you could produce something faster than your competition. The quality must not suffer. Maybe there are orders to make you faster? Or do you have to offer, perhaps, the possibility of faster Service?

Maybe your product is able to satisfy a need of the customer faster than alternative products on the market? All of this is the optimization of the speed.

12. Tip: Copy and security

If you manage to convince your customers that your product is safer and more reliable than the product of the competition, will stand out your Start-up-clone of the competition. No one likes taking risks, especially when it comes to hard-earned money. If you can find ways to help your clients more security, this is a plus point for your Start-up company.

13. Tip: A Question Of Price

And, of course, the price is a very strong Argument! Look closer, what products are not offered by your competition and why you do not do this. There are mainly wealthy customers?

Then you should look at, whether you are with your product maybe reach out to people you want to spend less money (you could change in addition, with the help of the top principles 1-3 of your product something). If it succeeds, will result in a strong niche for your Start-up company.

14. Tip: 1-13 combine

This tip is short. Go to the tips 1 – 13, and combine them with each other. Mixes, for example, the tips 2, and 3, tips 7, 8 and 9. Just look regularly what you can implement everything and what makes your product better!

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