Customers manipulation – is it worth it? Aggressive, or with the heart to sell?

In order not to lose time, it goes to the following: In this Post I will clarify the question, what selling methods are useful, and whether aggressive and manipulative Selling of products is worth it in the long term. It is less about to rate morally, whether manipulations in the sale are “good” or “evil”, but rather, what are the advantages and disadvantages objectively, if you tried their product at any price to get rid of.

We also go into the question of what it means to sell with the heart. What is the strategy you choose for your Business and your product remains at the end is up to you and the consequences resulting from it, you need to as the founder.

Customers to be lulled to sleep, products, persuade and sell

All rides are synonyms of the heading of the famous and infamous coffee. Who has not heard of it?! Two-hour sales presentations that can be summed up very simply:

“Buy me now!”. There are many free events of this type have little Use for the visitors. The message conveyed is more than clear: “I want to sell my product at any price!”

What, then, is customers to be lulled to sleep?

In principle, it is easy to be Lulled to sleep and no most basic needs of the customer are satisfied. Instead, a short-term need is generated and the actual (true) Problem is circumvented in the process, sent. But how to do this? Here is an example:

Let’s say you want to learn to paint and find in the network a paid DVD course for beginners. Your need is there, but the ideas are still washed out and formless. What do you want exactly? What is realistic?

How much time, effort and money it would cost to learn it. And any reasonable person is clear from the beginning that it will be more difficult than easy. To be able to the desire a Portrait painting is while as. But the resistance that you felt here. You should you make an effort to learn the various painting techniques. What is a seller that is going on manipulative power in a Situation like this?

How customers at the point of sale to be manipulated

The introduction to the Seminar can be viewed free of charge on the Homepage of the seller, together with the (very good) results of other people. There, the seller is likely to argue that his “effective” Time-course for you fast and easy for professional painters will make (the resistance, of the above, to minimize).

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