Customers manipulation – is it worth it? Aggressive, or with the heart to sell?

He will, perhaps, suggest even trying to get all the alternative courses belong to the cold coffee and you learn more with his Seminar on the latest method will, based on the latest research results on the “visual perception and the activation of the brain”.

Stop! What’s happening here? Quite simply, The spongy need of the potential customer to become a painter, transformed unnoticed into the from the seller generated need to be up-to-date and “In” and to learn it faster than others. And the probability that you decide as a buyer for this DVD-course is on the rise.

The customer is dissatisfied

After the customer has tested the purchased Training and it has not managed to learn “quickly and easily” paint, he feels somehow cheated. But Why? Because his true desire was not satisfied. Instead, an Alternative requirement has been“activated“ and accordingly satisfied. What “error” do here the seller? What forces him to lie so hard? Is also different?

1. Error: You tried to sell a “false” (=inferior) product.

It is often so, that is a minimum of advertised quality goods more and with more effort and Conviction must be presented. The true features of the product. The seller is looking for “alternatives” needs, he can create, or “tapping”.

Here also, compliments are a very popular means to from the true (lack of) Use to distract, and to activate emotions. That’s the crux: you yourself (as a seller) don’t notice it often, because one has to stand behind his product. If you sell your product, so be careful!

If your product really offers value, did you get all that is not necessary and the sale is automatically easier.

2. Error: You have the “wrong” audience in mind

You have to do it today, as an entrepreneur, with many different channels for Marketing. As a result, more and more people respond to your offer. Below you can find a lot of that relates to your offer only in the most remote and the show you at the end of a cold shoulder.

If you don’t see that and still try, to bring your product to the man (or woman), you’re almost forced to these people as a means of lulling, your goal is not more and not less is it to sell your product or service. All of this harms you and your customers.

Right to sell! It can be done differently:

Instead of trying with all means to sell his product, but if you do you better be thinking more about what your product offers and who will need your product. If you choose the right audience, you saves you a lot of Stress, and merit, in the long run more money.

Honest sell.

Who can satisfy the needs of the customers with its product or problems with it (permanently), sold honest. For example, regular Meetings with a Marketing expert that has been proven to have more sales to follow-on would be a honest business.

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