Customers manipulation – is it worth it? Aggressive, or with the heart to sell?

If you’re selling a product, with the customers more successful, or happier, saith the lens for your product, and a product to sell, of course, is easier. Here you need to present your customers only the list of satisfied customers, and the thing is eaten.

But if this is so easy, why are there so many sellers, the manipulate?

In addition to factors that are moral, ethical or simply a human nature, manipulation, of course, also some advantages. Especially to sellers who want to quickly earn a lot of money, take the disadvantages that go with it, gladly in purchase.

If an entrepreneur opts for this strategy, it is him, no matter what the customer achieved with this product or not achieved. To sell quickly, the main Motivation of these sellers. This strategy is perhaps the better one? No, not at all!

Disadvantages of Manipulation for your Business

In most cases, the career of such a company ends very quickly. But that has nothing to do with justice, but with the mechanism behind it:
The famous invisible Hand of the market ensures namely it that after a certain period of time will be impossible to sell in this way, and that has, by and Large, for three simple reasons:

  1. Dissatisfied customers will not come back. Result: No Regular Customers.
  2. Dissatisfied customers will not recommend you. Result: No new customers by word-of-mouth.
  3. Dissatisfied customers talk bad about your product. Result: Even those who happen to be pushed on you, don’t buy it.

With each day of the Sale with the help of manipulation more difficult, and the entrepreneur who sold so will need sealing.

Products with the heart (and mind) to sell

In contrast to the Manipulation, the issue here is to solve the problems and needs of the customer really. Here are 3 usually are for all those who decide to sell their product with the heart:

1. Rule: more value, more value and even more value – an example for bloggers

If you are trying to make in the web about smart how to create more value for its customers, one can find mostly tips on how to showing the potential customer the added value. But these are two different Pair of shoes, because the second is more of a lull, from the top of the speech.

Of more value to sell, as a seller of products or services to find out what the audience exactly wants. For example, a smart Blogger who wants to offer his readers more value could approach, so:

  1. Its subscribers and readers on social networks: “plan to inform a series of articles on the topic of so-and-so! If enough people are interested, thumbs up!“
  2. Suppose that this Post gets lots of “Likes”, then he could post the next step: “can I also addressed all the important issues on this topic, Write me in the comments the most important questions that you have about this topic!”
  3. Since you can not answer all of the questions will be (will probably be a huge effort), in the last step of his Fans to vote on what issues the most exciting.

In this way, one learns as an honest Blogger (Yes you are also a seller and from Knowledge), exactly where in the target group, the Shoe pinches. Then you can cut his “product” in this target group.

2. Rule: Help your customers to a specific result

It is best, if the outcome is measurable. If promises, for example, as an SEO provider to its customers, to bring more visitors to the page, the visitor Numbers before and after certain SEO measures to compare (with Google Analytics or comparable Tools).

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