Effective Marketing strategy, or how Content Marketing works?

Is Content Marketing just Hype or Marketing can work strategy? How can benefit a Startup from Content Marketing? What does a Content Marketing strategy and you can measure the success?

There are two ways to operate Online Business: The first, we call him the traditional strategy is easy to summarize: “Bring the buyers to your Website, and sell him your product!” Walk this way amazing most of the companies. The Consequences:

High monthly costs for SEO and AdWords campaigns, the total dependence on the Google-algorithm (the Google Updates, there is always time for a Surprise) and the lack of loyalty of such purchasers.

All of this still worked for me a few years ago quite well, and is also used today, more or less successfully. The Problem: The Competition. People are bombarded with more and more advertising and without and develop, in the meantime, defence forces, that is to ignore everything that reminds you the most of advertising.

For some time now, a different marketing strategy, however, makes the rounds in Content Marketing.

Short Definition: Content Marketing

Under the concept of Content all information on the Websites, so content, such as Blog articles, infographics, images and Videos. This information, which Content Marketing revolves. Content Marketing uses this information to sell products and generate regular customers.

Example: Startup start – what is Content Marketing?

A young Startup adopted an interesting product on the market. As is so often the founders are very euphoric and very inspired by your Innovation and also believe the product would sell itself.

Immediately resources in AdWords will be invested campaigns, landing pages, and conversion analysis. The success, however, remains. Why is something so often wrong? Here are the main reasons for this:

  • The Startup founders themselves don’t belong to the target group
  • The Startup founders know their product, in contrast to the target audience
  • The Startup’s founder, in love with your product, in contrast to the target audience
  • The Startup founder’s trust in your product, in contrast to the target audience

What Marketing strategy could grab a start here?

Marketing Strategy: Content Marketing

Especially young start-UPS that are fresh, sassy, and a progressive Image, can benefit greatly. There is much to suggest that this strategy for today’s Internet-absorbed Marketing is better, because:

3 reasons that speak for a Content Marketing strategy

  • Content Marketing creates trust. In a Corporate Blog, for example, interested parties and potential buyers can find more information about the company, the product and the people behind the product. Who cares about the Branding, can implement targeted strategies.
  • More Traffic to the company Website. Also, search engines “appreciate” regular, detailed and useful Content on Websites. The more that is done in this direction, the more visitors you can bring to your Website. The conversion depends directly on the chosen Marketing strategy and the Traffic.
  • It makes more sense in the long term, money and time in Content Marketing investing strategies. Each for the customers as a helpful Blog post, any practical info graphics, or instructions to generate the point in time where you and published, visitors and clients have been written. As the next few weeks, months, and years come together in the course of a lot of Traffic and conversion. This point is different to advertising, which acts rather in the short term, Content-Marketing-strategies that exert their maximum effect only in the course of time.

Where you can engage in Content Marketing?

There are a variety of channels that can be played. Caution! For each of these channels should be front of Content-publication of a suitable Marketing strategy superior.

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