Effective Marketing strategy, or how Content Marketing works?

But One after the Other. For Content Marketing, the following “transport offer”:

  • The Website
  • The own company Blog
  • E-Mails
  • Social Networks
  • Other topics relevant to the Blogs
  • News portals

Content, or what should I publish at all?

This is the question anyone who comes with Content Marketing is to be in contact. And what answer you get on the net usually on this simple question? Exactly: “write and publish what interests your customers!”

This answer goes a long way. If my clients are interested in expensive cars, I offer services in Online Marketing, then I can do very little with this Information. A different strategy has proved to be significantly better:

Before published a single line of Text or an image, you should see where the contact points between the Wishes and interests of the customer and the product or service offered!

This results in the following 4 points for your own Content Marketing strategy will inevitably arise:

4 points for the correct Content

  • All the problems of the target group, which can be solved with the offer
  • All changes in the life of the customer associated with the purchase of the product
  • All the reasons and objections that arise in the customers
  • All of the arguments that are for the customer and the product important

This information will help a lot to find a large enough intersection between the product and the interests of the customer.

Two types of Content

The speech was appropriate “means of transport” for Content Marketing. Here, the following division makes sense:

  1. Regular Content
  2. “Unique” Content

Regular Content

This includes daily Blog posts, Social Posts, and comments in relevant Blogs, E-Mails and other content that can be published and the target audience keep up to date will count. Here, it is sufficient, if a Post or an E-Mail dealing with a Problem or issue.

Unique Content

This includes everything that once created, automatically distributed, and a planned effect is achieved. This includes infographics, E-Books, presentations and other Content that can be offered for Download, and a complete range of topics covering.

A few words about the Content Marketing strategy

Depending on where on the Internet the target audience is, and in which relationship of their members are currently in the product are targeted at different objectives and appropriate Marketing strategies. To put it differently:

Who has decided, for example, to record on the channel “Facebook”, you should use more pictures and less texts for Content Marketing.

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