Self-management in self-employment – even more effective! – 6 tips

What is behind the concept of self-management and how important is it for the self-employed? An example: in the Evening, after a stressful day at work, while you are planning in your thoughts for the next day, not get rid of, you often feel you could have this day. More and more customers to acquire, more orders, more Blog posts to write.

How to set the right priorities, conscious control, more effective, and better plan for and accomplish his aims more rapidly? What you have to do practically, in order for that to work in self-employment? Or easier: How to become better in everything you tackle? That is the heart of self-management in today’s detailed Blog post.

Before we take a closer look at what is behind the 6 tips for self-management in Detail, a brief Overview of what will occupy us in this Post:

Self-management: 6 tips even more effective in self-employment:

  1. Tip – What are your goals and priorities are?
  2. Tip – Active, instead of passive!
  3. Tip – be Effective! How effective are you in your self-employment?
  4. Tip – The macro target split
  5. Tip – The micro-goals with the SMART method nail
  6. Tip – Reward yourself for it!

Tip # 1 – Your self-management, your goals, your priorities

Before you can even begin with anything, you have to decide for a target. Again: a goal! Not two or twenty, a goal. Let’s say you want a Start-up to start, exactly is your main goal. From now on, everything is in your self-employment and outside of it according to this aim.

What are the steps in self-management are necessary in order to achieve this goal? Exactly. A good idea, a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan. Exactly these things a priority, everything else comes after that. You’ll be surprised how far you come and how you can be good in one thing, if you focus exclusively on this objective and in a systematic and step-by-step in the realization of works.

When self-management is all about the destination. A specific target automatically sets priorities for you. If you know exactly where you want to go, you have to worry about what you should do now and what not. Also, the decision about how much energy, time and money you should invest in a certain thing, you notice with a specific target much easier.

The needs and goals of people differ just like people themselves. Some want to learn to cook, the other the emphasis is in self-employment to be successful, or even the galaxies to conquer 😉 , Take some time and make you a couple of thoughts: What is your goal, you in the near future want to achieve? Without this power the self-management no sense. You know it not, exactly?

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