Self-management in self-employment – even more effective! – 6 tips

There is something to decide for you help, what is the goal for you at the Moment is the most Important because:

Maslow cal needs-pyramid, and the self-management

The psychologist Abraham Maslow has broken in the head, what motivates people generally. The result: Depending on the Situation, people are, for us, certain things are more important than others. His findings, he has summarized in a Schema, the so-called Maslow’s need-hierarchy or pyramid.

For all in self-employment, should be this pyramid. Who’s the model is not familiar, here is a brief summary for our self-management – the recipe (More about the Maslow sche hierarchy of needs there are in the network).
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has five levels (from bottom to top)

  1. Physiological needs, i.e. food, drink, and so on.
  2. Safety needs, for example, the income
  3. Social needs, i.e., family and friends
  4. Individual needs, so the own Image, freedom, independence
  5. Need of self-realization, so its Potential maximum

For our self-management, it is important to know that our goals depend on the level on which we find ourselves. This means, for example, that we can only be targeting a specific goal and active, when our needs “are below” satisfied.

So, if we have thirst or Hunger, then we can keep the “higher” level, so for example, our visiting friends and relations, reasonable to maintain, hard in the eye and realize. Our priorities are set in this moment is different. It is only when the “target” Physiological needs has been achieved, we can focus on all the other objectives above, and you will achieve.

A small note:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a model and like all models, this one also has its weaknesses. I think it will fit this idea into the self-management very well and you a decision in accordance with the “right” goal will definitely help. Well, if we have a goal, it goes further:

Tip # 2 – Actively instead of passively in self-employment!

That is the real key to greater productivity. It is important to understand that you can master every, really every task and challenge, if you’re acting actively instead of passively. Every day we meet people who want to a lot of things, some of them do something out of this, somehow.

And that is precisely the sticking point in self-management: “something to do”. That sounds too passive, and it is. Of effectiveness in self-employment can be no question here. Each is something not satisfied, but much more important is what one does actively to ensure that the Situation changes? Usually there’s nothing!

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