Self-management in self-employment – even more effective! – 6 tips

If we want to be more effective, we should not cease to be observers, to just want to be enough, we need to take an active Position, also it is in the self-management! We need to seize the opportunity and do certain things to actively do. This is precisely where the success begins in the Business, and in life overall. Well, we are so active in the matter and act instead of reacting. What you done to become better?

Tip # 3 – be Effective! How effective are you in your self-employment?

What is effectiveness anyway? Effectiveness is the ratio of effort and result. An Example:
For example, if you build a house and no idea of it, you have two choices.

  1. You’re going to get a variety of books and magazines on the subject “house building”, talk with friends and Acquaintances, who know, to buy the necessary tools and try it more or less single-handedly. Something like this can take years, and no one can guarantee that it will work and you’ll end up with a roof over the head. Or:
  2. You are going to hire a company that has specialized in, and in a few months you can move in your own four walls.

Which of the two solutions is more effective? I mean, who is more effective, you or the company? Of course, the specialists in the company are much more effective than you, because for you it is to build much more elaborate house than for a specialized company. What this means for your independence and your self-management?

This means that you will need for this task, more time, energy, and maybe even more money (because a Lot needs to be improved). With your Knowledge, your resources, your skills and talents you are likely to do other things better, but to not build for the task of a house. What follows from this?

Quite simply, in Order to be effective, one should look at his tasks in more detail and ask whether it is specialized and everything necessary has available, to solve these things in a reasonable time.

Well, we decided now for a single target. Thus the priorities are set correctly. And we agree, that active people are more successful than passive people. We also know what resources (Knowledge, equipment, time, money) we have to reach our goal. Something is still missing? Yes! You’re going to be even more effective in self-management, if you have your Macro-goal of the split test.

Tip # 4 – The macro target splitting and objectives in the self-employment faster

We stay with our example, with the Start-up: We want to make our own Business on the legs. A private Business, so that’s our Macro-goal. But how can you begin now to realise this goal? Anyone who operates a successful self-management, goes as follows: He split targets, or simply the Macro-objective in several micro -.

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