Self-management in self-employment – even more effective! – 6 tips

We must, for example, good and practical Startup ideas find and an attractive business plan writing, our main target to reach. We do the same thing then in the next step, with the micro-objectives.

So we’re looking immediately after a good Start-up ideas for self-employment, instead, we we share the goal of this micro-and collect for the time being, all the ideas that come to mind. Then we could filter out, for example, viable Start-up ideas and so on.
Self-management is well and good, but we have made nothing yet, in order to reach our goal. Now we need a concrete Plan that we can implement.

Tip no 5 – The micro-goals with the SMART method nail.

Before us is a list with a plurality of micro-objectives. Some are having to be implemented urgently, for the other you might have a little more time. That is exactly what we do. We define, therefore, what is at the top of the list and what is below.

So we know now that we want to write for our independence, for example, a Business Plan, and our micro-goal is to find out the questions you have to answer in our business plan. Before we start though with the Research to begin, it has the self-management proven its goals according to the SMART method to formulate.

Very clearly this principle is based on the example of archery to visualize, I’m going to quickly sketch. SMART stands for:

  • S specific: A goal must be clearly, accurately and specifically. The goal is formulated in a vague, leads to the logical way that you do things that do not meet the target, and is not at all effective. Only if you see a target and target can, can you make it also. What and where is your destination?
  • M stands for measurable. So you have to be able to measure whether you met your goal in self-employment. The bow would shoot, for example, the target disk. Here, you can measure how well the objective was met or not. How can you check (best with Numbers or facts), whether or not you have achieved the goal?
  • A attractive means. The goal must be interesting for you, just so you’re motivated to achieve it. If you stand at the bow two feet to shoot the target, the probably no big challenge for you. It is different, if your goal is a hundred meters further.
  • R in our acronym realistic. Only realistic goals are achievable. This is important for your self-management. Your target must not be several hundred meters. So far you can’t shoot at all, let alone meet. To this point, we had cracks at the top shortly: micro-goals can be more likely to reach the Macro-goal.
  • T stands for timed. This is an important point, because your aim must be achieved within a certain period of time. You have to time limits for that, otherwise everything takes forever, and your effectiveness and self-management go to the dogs.

These practical algorithm, apply the best to each of your micro-goals. And one more point: These things must of course be formulated in writing, to manage the wish of all in the head nothing is most of the time.

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