Self-management in self-employment – even more effective! – 6 tips

You have reached your micro-goal, cross it off your list and you’ll notice how good that feels. This pushes you to definitely continue. This point is extremely important for a successful self-employment, and also for the effective self-management, because this has a lot to do with the tip # 6 of this post:

Tip # 6 – Reward yourself

The good old Pavlov. I made the experience, that a kind of conditioning can also grab here. After you reach a micro-goal, you should reward yourself for it. In the self-management of the begin objectives with the Chop off of the achieved Micro. Also, the recovery after work, I count as a reward. A Pizza or a piece of cake would make the Whole perfect. For the next micro-goal you’re motivated in any case.


I think it would become clear how one can proceed in the self-management, if you to increase its effectiveness, and more in self-employment: objectives to formulate these active tackle, its possibilities to keep an eye on, with micro-goals to start, these micro-goals with the SMART method of writing to formulate his micro-reach goals, and reward themselves. So, that’s it for today from me, I’m going to reward me now for this Blog article with a delicious Cup of coffee. And also you should make a treat, if you’ve made it this far! 😉

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