Start-Up Accelerator – 10 international supporters of Startups

“I have a brilliant Startup idea for an innovative product!” And now? In today’s Post is all about exactly this question. There are a variety of programs which support the founder in their project, the so-called Startup Accelerator.

In this Post, I present 10 international programs for founders, with their help, you can find an experienced Mentor as well as a competent angel Investor and Business incubator.

A Startup Accelerator is a time-limited programme of support of people who have made themselves self-employed or own start-UPS have started. A Startup Team is supported in all its issues and decisions professionally and accompanied, in order for the product and the Startup will come more easily on the market and investors can find.

Practically speaking, such Teams are given space and mentors assigned, often small and big investments are in the game. Here are the 10 most popular international Startup Accelerator, which could also be for German Startups are interesting:

1. Startup boot camp

startup accelerator startup bootcamp

Startupbootcamp was founded in 2010. It is an international network of 8 Accelerators. The Startup Accelerator program will select the best Startup ideas and invite the Teams, then in one of the Partner cities (for example Amsterdam or Berlin). Financially, each Team is supported with 15 Thousand euros.

In addition, the Startups can take advantage of other services Used, what is the cost of the Accelerator, in addition to 450 Thousand Euro. Various experts and mentors to ensure that funds and Business Angels to start-UPS carefully.

For some of the programs can apply to everyone, while others are designed for specific subjects: such As, for example, Media, energy, transportation, and so on. At the startup boot camp, both self-employed and individual entrepreneurs as well as Startup Teams can try their luck.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 15 Thousand Euro against 8% of the company.

More info on startup boot camp.

2. SeedCamp

startup accelerator Seedcamp

Seedcamp is one of the largest Accelerator programs in Europe. The project was launched in 2007 by the Venture Capital investor, Reshma Sohoni in London and is supported by various British Venture Fund. More than 100 Startups from across Europe have been financed up to now and prepared.

20 selected Startups will be prepared within a week of intensive and supported. Then the Startup ideas will be presented to the potential investors. This search, in turn, are 2-3 Startups and invest 50 Thousand Euro. In addition, such Teams will have training in a number of ways and with specialists.

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