Start-Up Accelerator – 10 international supporters of Startups

This also includes the so-called Seedcamp Academy courses. There, young entrepreneurs learn to optimize how the product and successfully brings to market. And as if that weren’t enough, to get these Startups in addition to the opportunity to work on the Google Campus to work in London and to make an educational trip to the United States.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 50 Thousand Euro against 8% to 10% of the company.

More information at SeedCamp.

3. H-Camp

h-camp startup accelerator

H-Camp is one of the Italian Startup Accelerator programs and was founded in 2005 in Venice. Meanwhile, 60 start-UPS have been financed with a total amount of 17.8 million dollars. These industries are supported: fashion, Design, food and tourism.

The program is designed for 3 months (September-November) and includes PR, legal, support, Lectures, seminars, housing options, and meals.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 15 Thousand euros, against 10% of the Startups.

More information on H-Camp.

4. Y Combinator

StartUp Accelerator - 10 professional supporters of Startups

This Business Accelerator program was launched in 2005 in the United States and is the first of its kind. From the programmer Paul Graham founded, it has accompanied more than 700 Startups and funded. The value of these Startups is estimated at about 22.4 million US dollars. Among the most famous and largest Startups in the Y Combinator Portfolio, Dropbox, Airbnb and Scribd.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 120 Thousand US dollars at 7% of the company. The selected Startups will be invited for 3 months in Silicon Valley, and meet weekly with various experts, investors and entrepreneurs. In the end, the so-called Demo Day, Startups will present their results.

More info on Y Combinator.

5. GrowLab Ventures


GrowLab Ventures was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Boris Wertz, Leonard Brody, and Debbie Landa is the largest Startup Accelerator in Canada. The Accelerator is usually supported only a few Startups, out of about 400 requests 5 Startups come through a maximum. In the last 4 years, GrowLab has funded 23 Startups with an investment of about US $ 9 million.

Also German start-UPS may join in. The Startup Accelerator is attacking the founders, even among the poor, when it comes to get a visa or a permanent residence permit (Citizen and Immigration Canada Startup Visa Program).

Anyone who has done it as a Startup Team in the Accelerator program, receives not only financial support, but also free technical Support (e.g., a free operating system), benefits Design and PR services and so on. The total cost of these “Extras” amount to some 300 Thousand US dollars.

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