Start-Up Accelerator – 10 international supporters of Startups

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 30 Thousand US dollars for 5-8% of the company.

More information on GrowLab.

6. Techstars

startups_accelerator techstars

Techstars launched in 2007. Founded by Enterpreneur David Cohen and the Investor Brad field, will be invited into the program only start-up Teams consisting of a minimum of 2 people. But it supports both Startup products in the Beta stage, as well as ideas.

The Sratup-Accelerator program lasts three and a half months, in which the founder of experts accompanies and guides. Here one has the possibility in different cities: space and necessary services are provided to the Teams on-site. At the end of the already mentioned Demo Day will take place.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 18 Thousand US Dollar against 6% of the company.

More info on TechStars

7. Wayra

startup accelerator wayra

This Accelerator program for Startups was started in 2011 by Telefónica Digital in Latin America. Thanks to the rapid expansion in Europe, a year after the founding, in the meantime, make 170 Startups a Chance to take more of their ideas.

You will be supported with up to 70 Thousand dollars (depending on the Startup) for half a year. But even after this time, Wayra cooperates with the most attractive and most interesting Startups of the program and helps, with its networks and Business Angels in search of investors.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 30-70 Thousand US Dollar against 5-10% of the Startups.

More information on Wayra.

8. Innovyzstart

innovyzstart startup accelerator

Innovyzstart is a branch of the international Accelerator network, GAN, to TechStars. The goal of the Accelerator program is the development of the Australian Startup Scene to encourage and facilitate access to the international market.

Now sign up, start-up Teams from other countries to their Startups in Adelaide to further develop. This, however, must consist of at least 4 members, with a passion.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 20 Thousand US dollars for 8% of the Startups.

More info on Innovyzstart.

9. Start-Up Chile

startup accelerator in chile

The Accelerator program Start-Up Chile is financed since 2010 by the state and is primarily aimed at young entrepreneurs who want to start in Chile, a start-up. It is important that the developed product provides access to the global market, and can quickly grow.

For Start-Up Chile invested like 40 Thousand dollars in the future-oriented ideas of young Teams. The program will cost the government a total of $ 40 million. Since the inception, have been accompanied by Start-Up Chile, nearly 300 Startups.

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