Start-Up Accelerator – 10 international supporters of Startups

To become invited, you need to Startups able to demonstrate that they have enough Talent and experience in what they’re up to. Spanish skills are not required, all events are held in English.

Conditions Of Participation:

State funds in the amount of 40 Thousand dollars to be provided and must not be returned. Of the Startup team, it is expected, however, absolute devotion to one’s own project. The Visit of the Accelerator-events is mandatory.

More info on Start-Up-Chile

10. China ccelerator

china accelerator

China ccelerator is one of the first Accelerator programs in China and was launched in 2009 by Cyril boar hamlet. It especially Startup projects in the initial stages of development. The selection is primarily taken care of the Startup Team, its skills and commitment.

The China ccelerator-founders are convinced that a Startup in the initial stages , rather the Knowledge, experience and need support, instead of money. Twice a year, you can sign up for the program, no matter from which part of the world you come from. The 4-month visa you have to take care of itself but. At the end of a Demo Day is held here also, in order to convince investors of his Startup.

Conditions Of Participation:

Investments in the amount of 40 Thousand US Dollar against 6% of the Startups.

More info on China ccelerator.

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