Start-up financing – you can at the initial interview, never say…

As the founder, I have learned one thing: Regardless of whether you sell your product better or your Start-up Finance in a dry cloth want to put the Autopilot in your head can put a lot in the Sand.

As a result of the Meeting with the customer, or the initial interview to the Start-up financing can be very quick in the pants. Today it comes to words, who wants to hear no Start-up Investor and not a customer of yours.

I’ve never really thought about it, about what words I use in everyday life. Who does that? The main thing is that you will be understood! Then the first customers came in, and you’re also, of course, think about how you make your product better to the man (or woman) can. Speaking of:

As a founder, one is constantly trying to analyze everything, analyze it and learn from it (these things have to be fun, otherwise you will continue in self-employment).

After the first customer it was then time for the customer to look at the conversations in Detail. Because It’s often all or nothing. Maybe you want to introduce to the customers with your product or it goes to the Start-up financing, which plays no role.

It is well known, there is no second Chance for the first impression. It is important that you are allowed to leave in such situations, the chance of an accident. Especially in the case of customer conversations, linguistic lurk everywhere Fall, we fall in the founder. Immediately clear, a short (slightly exaggerated) example of what I mean:

Start-up Investor (question):

What do you think of this procedure…?

The Founder Of (A Response):

But I need the previous stage complete. No! Currently, speak to a few points against the Launch of my Start-ups. I still need to make sure that I with my PR-action is not to fail…Andbesides, I would have to me still the days and the analysis of the PR data and take care of… “

Would you the Start-up funding agree to that?

How does the founder? He’s not to skin a really? Would you give him money for the Start-up financing? I sure don’t! Ok, I may have applied slightly too thick, in order to show the effect of these expressions better. But one thing is: The answers of the founder inspires absolutely no confidence and the Start-up financing threatens to tip over.

These expressions have a bad Karma for the Start-up financing:

But what made the founders wrong here, or, better said? Any amount, as we will see in a moment. Let’s go through the set again quickly. Words, in a Situation like this for negative emotions in all people, so also for clients and investors, I have summarized in a short list:

  • But
  • I, my, me (7x)
  • (2x)
  • Only
  • No
  • Speaks against…
  • (3x)
  • Not
  • Fail
  • Should
  • The Days

If I have not miscounted, 20 of 45 words chosen “unhappy”. This means that almost half of the information of the Start-up Investor gets from the founder, for negative emotions.

What is your Investor reveals?

Why is this important? The financing of Start-ups no more and no less is at stake! But why these words have a negative connotation for the Start-up financing? Here is the resolution:

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