Start-up financing – you can at the initial interview, never say…

“But” indicates rejection and criticism. If you use this word, do you have the skills (and thus social Status) of your interlocutor in question. This means as much as “you’re wrong!” The worst part is that this “But” at the beginning of the sentence.

After this “But” ringing of the Investor (or customer) immediately the alarm bells. It’s about his social Status, as we are all very sensitive. Everything you told him, then, is almost ignored. Even if you give then something “usable” by you, you have bad cards. “But” is clearly not a good Basis for a business relationship. And more in the list.

The “I” draws attention to you. Too many “I” draw too much attention to yourself. And what is with the Start-up financing? What thinks and feels just your Opposite? In the best case, he gets bored and listens to you, barely, in the worst case, he becomes aggressive (and again, it is the social Status). Nobody likes egoists! What to do? “I” use as rarely as possible.

Must (must)
“You have to take out the garbage. And then you still have to go shopping!“ The word nobody likes. As certain memories come quickly. The a scares our freedom. The result is that We defend ourselves against what we need. And these things remain then.

Here there are two effects: a) You show with the “Must” your attitude to your tasks (“Have actually not in the mood…”), and b) You Rob yourself of the Motivation to do these things. Away with the “Must”. And on it goes.

“You’ve got a Blog article written?”. This sentence shows how little up to now, has been reached. Just as it acts on your conversation partner. You want to convince him to Finance your Start-up, then the “Only” way if you tell what has been done and what is yet to be made. The same applies then also, when you talk about your product or service.

The “no has the same effect as the “But” means rejection, criticism and so on. Something to be said against it. This Part reminds me a bit of the “But”. Also, you suggest in order to problems and difficulties in the implementation.

The want to hear the nobody, when it comes to the Start-up financing. Also, customers are responding, in most cases, an allergic reaction to the “no”. Below I will give some tips on how you can deal with it.

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