Start-up financing – you can at the initial interview, never say…

“My” has the same effect as the “I”. Point.

Also, the “do more,” says this conversation is that there is much to do. Your Start-up idea seems to be even “semi-raw”. To do this, what resonates even when you “have To”. After repeated “Still” it will be very hard to put their own ass, and you know it, and also to the potential Investor in your Start-ups or the customer who sits you know.

“The coffee’s not bad!” Can you feel that? What I want to make? Our Autopilot does Not ignore the””. And what do we have? Correct: “The coffee is kind of bad!” It is expected with a “But” – “The coffee’s not bad, but…”. I would Not “waive” in the majority of cases, easy!

You are what you say. When you say “fail”, then you and your Start-up Investor to have exactly this image in my head. You fail (and if you say not to failure, then our brain is the “Not to miss Yes,” as explained above). So you get no money for your Start-up financing! Even in conversations with customers, I can advise against such words. What do we have?

Why is it there? Exactly, not to do something! “Should” means “It would not be wrong if …” (and again, this “Not” – so “It would be wrong if …” ). What do we have?

Someone who speaks with a customer in the conjunctiva, will and will not do a certain thing.The Start-up financing will benefit from it. And the last word from the example above:

The Days
The expression “days” stands for “Sometime”. Why do you say that? Quite simply, You don’t want to tackle the tasks. Or, at least, not now.

For you, your customers and also for people who have real interest in taking over the Start-up financing, your Business is the highest priority. Everything you aufschiebst, suspicion. And again:

Would you give him money for the Start-Up financing?

Now, we clarify how we should talk with these VIP’s, such as investors or customers. We can’t just omit it in the expressions easy, is it? No, for our Start-up funding, we need something like a Translation. The list below shows how this can work:

  • But → And (+ positive points to highlight)
  • I, We → (preferably concrete)
  • Must be→, do, do
  • Only → Already
  • No → Not quite so, not now, later
  • Against → For
  • My → Our (who is exactly)
  • Yet → Already
  • → From the vocabulary of stress
  • Failure → Win, add to that
  • Would have, could have, would have, could have → Have, will, do, can
  • The days → in the Morning, on Thursday, next week Friday

We will use this list. Now the same entertainment, only with a “small” Modification:

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