Start-up financing – you can at the initial interview, never say…

Start-up Investor (question):

What do you think of this procedure…?

The Founder Of (A Response):

This is a good idea and we can save a lot of time and money. We, I, our product Designer, Michael, and our Social Media Manager Christina have been with the Review of our PR campaign started. We think, with this action, we will gain twice as many customers. Tomorrow, at 18 o’clock, I and our Monitoring expert, Paul from values of the first data and immediately after that, we will implement your proposal.

Between the two answers worlds or lie? One thing, however, remains on the route: Why are there these “forbidden” Expressions at all, if they pose a risk but discussions with customers and the Start-up financing?

How “wrong” expressions for the Start-up financing to “right”

These expressions have their place in our everyday lives. Only your intention, and your goal is to decide which words are “right” or “wrong”! The goal of a young entrepreneur from the above example, the money for the Start-up financing. The Investor of the Start-up needs to be convinced of the idea. And the words and expressions from the list above are not there, in order to solve this task effectively.

Here is an example that shows how the actually “wrong” expressions to expressions “right”, Suppose the Designer, Michael is playing a wrong game. He has secretly copied the Start-up idea and is currently working on the Start-up financing. He knows of the Meeting with the Investor tomorrow at noon. Therefore, he calls our founder:

If I’m not mistaken, did you want to meet you in the morning with the potential Investor, and to him the Detals about the Start-ups-funding to explain!“ In this regard, so check first whether you have gathered all the information.

You must complete the previous Phase, you know? Much speaks against the Launch of the Start-ups. In addition, you must make sure that the PR-action is not doomed to Failure. You had to take a Few extra days to evaluate the data.

Each is now clear that the Start-up founder is confused after this phone call and the Meeting will move probably 1-2 weeks. After second days, Michael meets with the Investor, and bring the financing of its Start-up copy in a dry cloth…C’est la vie.

What you need for your conversations with customers, remember

I think it became clear how the language can affect the way of Thinking and Acting. First of all, you should be Clear on the objectives: What I want to achieve? I want to convince, inspire, motivate, or I want to confuse you, to gain time, or something else prevail? Attention!

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