Startup – what is that again? All you need to know

What does this tell us? The best-known Startups, there are online or is it more a case of IT products. So it’s no wonder that many people see the word Start-up with Online associate services. The upper examples are familiar to everyone, Offline Start-ups, often only known to specialists.

What many people do not know, however, that in the United States, the term startup is defined up wider. He refers to both tangible products as well as services. The top list must be expanded. The classic Star-ups are also part ofMicrosoft (Bill Gates and Paul Allen), Apple Computer inc. (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) and Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin).

What Startups makes it so successful?

One of the most important reasons why Startups are so successful, is the following: Large companies with complex hierarchies and rigid structures are immobile and sluggish. Such corporations to use and market the very successful existing products, but is often difficult when it comes to creating and developing new products. Startups are more flexible and more mobile, and thus even with low financial resources competitive.
Startups are so successful, because they are dependent on no or only low investment. Very much the heart and soul and work of the founder is in a Start-up.

What you need to start a Start-up?

At the beginning of the Start-ups there is always a fresh Start-up idea. A new, unconventional and innovative solution to a Problem. Also the young age of the Start-up founder is one of the characteristics and the Strengths of Start-ups. The typical founders are no older than 30 and are thus very flexible and willing to take risks. Strictly according to the Motto: everything or nothing!

Not less important for a successful Startup is a well-functioning Team. Of course you can lift a Startup in-house, but in most cases this goes wrong. It is not a question of investment, there are well known investors.

It is, rather, to strategic and organizational issues. You have here only the founders of Google, Apple, Microsoft and co. watch. Usually the founder of a Start-up complement, as they are much more effective and successful. Division of labour is in any case essential, because no one knows everything and can do everything.

Where is there money? – The Start-Up Funding:

There are several ways to Finance his Start-up, nearby of which:

  • Family and friends:

Especially at the Start, where you don’t need so much money, and the future of the Start-ups can be predicted, it makes sense to contact these people and ask for money.

  • Crowdfunding (Crowd Funding):

The most famous example of a Crowdfunding platform “kickstarter” and comes from the USA. Also in Germany there is a Crowdfundig service, the Service “start next”. There, you will meet individuals and potential customers, the exciting projects and products from Start-up founders co-Finance.

  • Business Angels (BA):

The are usually successful entrepreneurs or founders. They support Start-ups with investment (your own money), relationships, and Knowledge. Also these people can contribute, especially at the beginning, very much a Start-up can get a better start.

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