Startup – what is that again? All you need to know

Let the Start-up founders in peace your thing, at least for a long period of time, because this is belonging to their main revenue sources. Of course, you want to benefit later from the Start-up and expect high returns.

  • Venture Capital or risk capital donors:

The are Start-up investors, working in Contrast to Business Angels, with the money of other people (insurance companies, pension funds, private persons) and the Start-up. You will support predominantly the founder, with your product already on the market, but did not have enough money to be professional on the go. What for conversations with customers and investors is important, I have in a previous post explained in more detail.

From idea to success –

the 5 steps in the development of a start-up

It has been proven, the Start – up development in 5 steps or phases. Why is this important? Because with each of these phases have their own tasks, risks and opportunities go hand in hand. Often you can answer the question “What do we do now?”, if you know where the Start-up in its development. What are the phases of the?

The 5 phases of a Start-up:

  1. The SEED Phase

  2. The start-up Phase

  3. The Early GROWTH Phase

  4. The Phase of the EXPANSION

  5. The EXIT Phase

What happens in each of the Start-up phases, and what questions need to set the founders apart?

1. The SEED-stage (“seed” stands for see):

This is the beginning of a start-up. The idea is the main focus. You will be tested on heart and kidneys. There is, therefore, clarified:

  • What are the Start-up idea?
  • What tasks need to be done (programming, design)?
  • What is the Business concept (business plan)?
  • How much money is initially needed and how the Start-up?

These points are clarified, it is created the first prototype. The first Phase is now complete.

2. The start-up Phase:

At this point, the Start-up is something more. Here, a decision is taken:

  • Anyone who works in a Start-up Team?
  • What is the market (the target audience and the competition to be put under the magnifying glass)?
  • How will the prototype into mass production?
  • How to get the product on the market or how the product is sold?
  • Where to get the first customers and sold the first copies of the product?
  • Where can one find more investors?

3. The Early GROWTH Phase (beginning of growth):

The tasks of the last Phase have been resolved, the next phase in the life of a Start-ups, to produce more and to sell. Here you should focus especially on the following questions:

  • How can we optimise the production?
  • What is the Marketing we use to grow?

The production lives of investors and Business-Angels, the one in the previous Phase, hopefully, taken care of. The search for investors continues.

Do you want more startup tips, ideas and analysis?

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