Startup – what is that again? All you need to know

In this Phase, the decisive Moment, the so-called BEP (break even point), the expenditure and the revenue of the Start-ups in equilibrium. From here to grow it!

4. The Phase of EXPANSION:

Now, on to the top. The Start-up makes a profit, and the goal is: More profit through Expansion. Here, it is mainly the following questions to the collar:

  • How can we still produce more?
  • To whom we can with our products still apply?

Often you need at this point, new ideas and needs to rethink. Here, new target groups are interesting. To do this, the market must be analyzed. If this succeeds, you have arrived in the last Phase of a Startup – the EXIT-Phase.

5.The EXIT Phase:

The Startup founders have done everything right, the “exit”. Now, the Startup becomes a fully-fledged companies that can be sold and, if it is intended, to the stock exchange.


Now, these are the most important Basics on the subject of “What is a Start-up”. I will deal with later, in a separate Blog post on one or the other point in more detail.

Do you want more startup tips, ideas and analysis?

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